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    Sawdust Unlimited is a small woodworking business which I started several years ago. My name is Lee Bonnett and I have done and still do many, many things which I usually sell at craft shows, bazaars and to friends, family and associates. Some of the items include cribbage boards, jewelry boxes, wooden toys, shelves, and a myriad of other items. In addition to the woodworking items, I also do pen and ink sketches, custom calligraphy and wood carving to exercise the artistic side of my personality. This and subsequent pages are in their infancy and will grow as I get pictures taken, scanned and added to this page. For now, if there is something you would like built from wood, let me know by sending me e-mail or writing me. If it is an item listed on the woodworking page, the cost will be as indicated plus shipping. If the item is not shown but you would like me to design and make it for you, I will give you an estimate and once we come to an agreement on price, I will design and create the item for you and ship it. Simple as that! The other pages associated with this main page are other ventures I participate in. Please check these pages out, perhaps there is something here that will interest you.

    Other associated pages:

  • Woodworking: wood items for sale
  • Artwork: pen & ink sketches, wood carvings
  • Comics: collector comics for sale
  • Trading cards: sports & non-sports (mostly baseball)
  • Supplies: for collecting comics, cards, etc.
  • Books: buy, sell and trade
  • Webpage Design: Do you want a homepage?
  • Order: place an order if you know the item #

  •       I also do web page design and maintenance. Look through these pages to see what I can do for you and/or your business. I charge by the hour for programming but once the design is completed, there is no charge to you other than those hourly charges for any changes you may want to make. If you would like, please check out another page by RDS which I designed. Leave me mail as to what you think, even if you are not interested in the web page design services provided.

    I would like to thank tripod.com for providing me the space for my site on the worldwide web for free. If you would like a webpage of your own, simply click this link and you are on your way. They have a terrific page composer which steps you through the process of creating your own site. Anyone can build a basic page with no knowledge of HTML at all or if you do know HTML, you can customize it to your liking. This site is a boon to the curious and adventurous, give it a try, it may open up a whole new world to you as it has for me!

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