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Sawdust Unlimited
Wood Items For Sale

You are visitor to take a look at these wood items!

Last Updated Monday April 27, 1998 at 4:05 p.m.

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  -- Description --Item #Price ea
Pine, 2-lane cribbage board w/pegsW001$8.00
Pine, 3-lane cribbage board w/pegsW002$9.00
Pine, 4-lane cribbage board w/pegsW003$10.00
Oak, 2-lane cribbage board w/pegsW004$10.00
Oak, 3-lane cribbage board w/pegsW005$11.00
Oak, 4-lane cribbage board w/pegsW006$12.00
Prestige cribbage board w/two decks of carsW007$15.00
Folding cribbage board w/pegsW008$12.00
Toilet seat cribbage board w/pegsW009$18.00
Woodburning on any board (additional)W010$2.00
18" pine shelf w/heart cutoutsW011$12.00
24" pine shelf w/heart cutoutsW012$14.00
Wooden tricycle modelW013$14.00
Perpetual calendar, wall hangingW014$16.00
Perpetual calendar, desktop, wood blocksW015$9.00
Solid wood monster truck toy (10" tall)W016$20.00
Wooden Model 'A' toy (couple)W017$18.00
Wooden Model 'A' toy (pickup)W018$18.00
Wooden bulldozer toyW019$22.00
Wooden semi-tractor toyW020$22.00
Wooden Rolls Royce modelW021$24.00
Wooden biplaneW022$22.00
Wooden paddleboat toyW023$22.00
Wooden crane toyW024$25.00
Wooden tank toyW025$20.00
Wooden stagecoach modelW026$30.00
Wooden conestoga wagon modelW027$24.00
Jewelry box (hardwood)W028$30.00
Cedar birdhouseW029$10.00
Cedar bird feederW030$12.00
Mailbox birdhouseW031$14.00
VW baja dune buggy toyW032$12.00
Miniature wooden snow sledW033$16.00
Mug rack, hardwood, wall hangingW034$12.00
Mug rack, hardwood, standingW035$12.00
Paper towel holder, wall hangingW036$14.00
Paper towel holder, standingW037$12.00
Doll highchairW038$14.00
Doll cradleW039$14.00
Keyrack (6 peg)W040$8.00
Tierack (20 peg)W041$8.00

All items made of pine unless otherwise noted.

Place an order!

Wooden Biplane - $22.00

Carved Santa - $20.00

Model 'A' Coupe - $18.00

Sawdust Unlimited
518 E. Walnut St.
Rawlins, WY 82301
United States

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