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Last Updated Sunday April 12, 1998 @ 9:10 p.m.

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      RDS (Rubicon Design Services) is a newly created web-page design service which affords you many opportunities for Internet advertising. We can design a page for you which will be placed on and since this fine server does not charge for their web pages, the only cost to you would be the initial design fees. These fees are based on a per-hour charge which is less than half of rates I have seen quoted elsewhere. If this option is right for you, the only limitations are your imagination and 5mb of server space (which really is a huge site). As I said previously, once the page is created, there is no charge to you except or until you decide to make changes and then you are charged the low hourly rate. There are several optional services which we provide for reasonable fees (see the next section following for details)

      There are a two other options available to you, including a web site created with no initial fees but where you instead pay on a monthly basis. The advantages to this arrangement are that I do not charge for hourly design and programming but rather charge a monthly fee. You are allowed one minor change per month but are required to sign a six-month or one-year contract. You will have pre-approval of the design before signing the contract. I will have to limit those items included on this type of page design since I am not charging you for initial startup fees. See the next section for specific details

      The last option which is available to you is obtaining your own domain name (i.e. [your name].com). Sometimes this can be a great advantage to you and is much easier for those using your site to remember where you are located but this is by far the most expensive option as I must pay for server space plus an additional monthly charge for this ISP to provide you with your own domain name. I have not fully investigated this option so I am unable at this time to give you an exact price but if this sounds like an attractive option to you, let me know and I will investigate further.

      If you have questions which have not been answered on this page, feel free in sending me e-mail and I will reply as soon as I can. I am trying to provide a service to my customers which will be useful and affordable as well. Let me show you what can be done and see if this medium won't help your business soar.

Tripod.Com webpage, paying programming fees:

  • $15.00 per hour for design and maintenance of your page
  • $5.00 per scanned image
  • $20.00 per custom logo
  • 5mb of server space
  • Graphics
  • Links
  • Text
  • Forms
  • Counter
  • 1 E-mail Address

  • Tripod.Com webpage, paying on a monthly basis
  • No design and setup fees
  • $15.00 per month fee
  • $5.00 per scanned image
  • $20.00 per custom logo
  • 5mb of server space
  • 5 Graphics/Photos
  • Links
  • 5 8.5" X 11" typewritten pages
  • 1 Form
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 E-mail Address

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    Rubicon Design Services
    518 E. Walnut St.
    Rawlins, WY 82301
    United States

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